Peacock Feathers

Peacock Feathers for Art and Crafts.


One of the more popular items on the Creative Minds website is the pack of 10 Peacock Feathers in the Craft Products section. These feathers are brightly coloured and around 30cm long and are an ideal choice to finish off a craft project or to help display your artwork.

These genuine peacock feathers are eye catching and feature blue-green coloured 'eyes' with hints of brown, gold and yellow. They can be used for many art and craft projects, such as decorating masks, display boards and personalised cards. Each feather has it's own unique character with colours varying depending on the lighting and the angle that you look at the feathers.

Here are some ideas on what to do with your peacock feathers.

Table Centrepieces.

Peacock feathers at Creative Minds

Make an interesting talking piece by adding the peacock feathers into a foam base along with other interesting and eye catching items. Try mixing the feathers with other natural items such as flowers to make an outdoor themed centrepiece.

Stylish Bookmark.

By using a laminate plastic or a pair of stick plastic sheets cut out to the size of a regular bookmark you can create a fantastic page saver. Simply add your favourite peacock feather between the two sheets and carefully stick them together, taking care not to get any air bubbles.

Interesting Collage.

Adding peacock feathers to a collage could give it the finishing touch that you needed. Try creating a dark coloured background then add the feathers to really add a shimmering splash of colour.

Invitation Cards.

Looking for an individual party or wedding invitation, adding a peacock feather to some simple white card and some nice calligraphy will really add that dash of colour and sophistication that will make an invite to be remembered.

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