Display border rolls

Creative Minds has a fantastic selection of display border rolls that help to finish off every wall display in your school, nursery, college or play school.

Display border rolls

Corrugated border rolls

We have many different assortments of corrugated display border rolls that come in a variety of different colours and patterns, such as scalloped, zig zag and battlement. Each assortment includes 5 colours, flame red, canary yellow, emerald green, vivid orange and rich blue. Each roll is 10 metres in length, so all together you will get 50 metres of display border rolls.

The border rolls are easy to use, simply cut the amount that you need and then fix to the walls however you like, whether you use double sided tape, staples or glue. The corrugated finish adds some nice texture to the display.

Metallic border rolls

Metallic border rollsJust like the corrugated display border rolls, our metallic rolls come in a variety of shapes. However these display rolls are truly eye catching with a metallic finish in red, gold, silver and green. The rolls really come alive when the light hits them and they work really well when you need a wall display to really stand out.

These metallic display border rolls are perfectly suited to winter themed wall displays, such as advertising a Christmas production or winter based art work. The corrugated texture means that light from all directions will make these border rolls really shine.

Display Bordette rolls

As well as our coloured and metallic display border rolls, Creative Minds also has different themed bordettes. We have an assortment of Safari Bordette rolls, that feature different animal patterns including Zebra, Tiger and Giraffe.

The Design Bordette Assortment features different scenes, including hand prints, autumn leaves and clouds.

Display bordette rolles


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